Tribometer TR-C-1000

The Tribometer TR-C-1000 was built according to the ASTM D3702 latest revision. (Standard Test Method for Wear Rate and Coefficient of Friction of Materials in Self-Lubricated Rubbing Contact Using a Thrust Washer Testing Machine). Further contact geometries are possible by using different specimen holders, and thus it can be used to perform ball-on-disk and pin-on-disk trials easily.


  • Manufacturer: W2A, Web to Automation, Lda;
  • Model: TR-C-1000;
  • Dimensions: (1,93 x 0,6 x 0,6)m (height x width x depth);
  • Weight: 250kg;
  • Installed Power: 4 kW, three-phase 400V;
  • Contact type: Single, dual, triple pin on disk.


Normal Load:

  • User definable in the interval [1; 1000]N;
  • Electrical servo controlled (closed loop) load application assisted by a dedicated load cell with maximum error of +/-0,1% F.S..

Rotating speed:

  • User definable in the interval [0; 2000]rpm without changing mechanical transmission elements;
  • Electrical servo controlled (closed loop).

Friction coefficient measurement:

  • Real-time measurement via a dedicated torque load cell; maximum error of +/- 0,05% F.S.;
  • Correlating to an uncertainty on the fourth decimal place of the coefficient of friction.

Wear measurement:

  • Real-time measurement of wear via monitoring the displacement of the vertical load application axis, with a 0,1µm resolution;
  • Real time reporting of worn volume, wear rate, coating thickness reduction.

Temperature measurement:

  • Real-time measurement of environment air temperature via a Pt-100 probe;
  • Real-time measurement of near-contact temperature via a dedicated J-Type thermocouple that lies approximately 2mm distant from the contact surface.


  • Dedicated software suite, real-time data acquisition and control, allowing the automation of test procedures;
  • Graphical display of coefficient of friction in real-time;
  • Graphical display of wear in real-time;
  • Plotting of results into a dedicated (included) database that allows direct export for MS Excel.

Special Considerations

Dedicated PC:

  • A dedicated PC (running Windows) equipped with all the data acquisition equipment, the user interface, and
    the database for storage and exporting of test results.


  • 1 test specimen + 1 stationary washer are required for each test and are not reusable. These parts can be
    manufactured at a mechanical workshop of your convenience or provided by W2A. The construction drawings
    accurately represent all the requirements of the ASTM standard for metric units.

Environmental conditions:

  • Up to this moment the tribometer is built to perform tests at room temperature and room humidity. A future
    development will comprise a temperature controlled enclosure allowing testing at temperatures from [0; 200]ºC, and
    also testing under lubricated conditions.