W2A’s history through the years


W2A was born in 2009 with the objective of creating a business with assets from two different areas, Mechanical Engineering and Software Engineering, in order to have the resources to develop solution from shop-floor up to management level.


Our logo exemplifies the connection, a close relationship, between Automation and Software technologies. This is also reflected in the services we provide, and in our team composition.

During the first years W2A was focused delivering task optimizing software tools, like dedicated backoffice web portals and data acquisition and post-processing tools. You can read more about these, and other projects, in the Projects portfolio page.


In the year 2012 we made a partnership with Idmec, a now extinct interface institute from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, with the objective of upgrading a data acquisition and control application into a real-time high performance application. This project is called DynaTester RT, you can find more information in our  Projects portfolio page, and it was co-financed by ON2 Program up until December 2014.

This project, along with other factors, made us move towards the development of test equipment and real-time high performance software applications.


Today W2A’s core business is the development and retrofitting of laboratory and industrial equipment, development of software for real-time data acquisition and control applications, and task driven process optimization.


We develop flexible test systems, a modular solution for the creation of scenarios for physical testing of materials and components, as well as dedicated test equipment designed according to the specific requirements of the product to be tested. Our experience in this area also allows us to recover technologically obsolete equipment, and make changes on dedicated equipment, in order to optimize efficiency and productivity.

In the software development area we have a wide range of solutions. In the shop-floor level we develop software for equipment control and monitoring, through PLC/HMI and Industrial PC platforms. In the management level we provide specialized tools to access real-time shop-floor data and tools for the optimization of data processing, document distribution, analysis, and also dedicated tools developed to the particular needs of the customer.

Although we are a young company, our experience is proven by our growing customer list and our special builds, that lead to patents and improved client satisfaction.

As we say: if you need a machine, we build it! So contact us for more information.